Saturday, July 29, 2017

American Revolution Podcast

To anyone who has enjoyed my Unlearned History Project, I am pleased to announce the launch of my American Revolution Podcast.  Like the Unlearned History Project, my episodes will be available both as a recorded Podcast and in written format.

This new project will focus exclusively on the American Revolution, going into great detail.  I expect it to be a multi-year project with hundreds of episodes.  If you have any interest in the American Revolution, I hope you will give it a try.  So far, I have just posted a few introductory episodes.  For the next couple of months I will be discussing the French and Indian War, which introduces many of the people and issues involved in the Revolution itself.

Over the past year since I stopped adding new Unlearned History episodes, I have been working diligently to prepare the launch this new project.  The preparation time was well worth it, and should help keep me on schedule with regular weekly releases of new episodes.

I hope you will give it a look and please feel free to provide constructive feedback, positive or negative.

Read Written American Revolution Episodes

Listen to American Revolution Podcast


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  1. Congratulations on taking in this enlightening--and enormous--project. I have just discovered it. As an AmHist enthusiast, I look forward to it. From the first few episodes, I can see already see that it is painstakingly prepared and nicely delivered. Best wishes to you.