Sunday, June 7, 2015


I am starting this blog to discuss my interest of US History.  I am an amateur historian without any formal credentials.  I have been a history expert on where I have been an expert in US History and General History for many years.  Feel free to ask me any history questions there.  I may eventually use some of my answers there to generate posts for this blog.

History has always been a fascination for me. I am particularly drawn to early US history, focusing mainly on the Revolutionary War era and the founding of the Republic.  But I have a more general interest in many historic eras.  History provides us with fascinating stories of adventure, war, love, sex, power, etc.  It is more interesting to me than any work of fiction the mind can imagine.

For too many students, history gets bogged down in memorizing dates or other unimportant details.   Yes, some basic knowledge is helpful in understanding the stories that history offers.  If all you do is memorize dates and events, without really understanding them, history will be boring.  If you read the stories of adventure and change that history offers, it quickly becomes alive and exciting.

This blog deliberately avoids footnotes, sources, and date details because I want to present the subjects as an interesting story.  Not as an academic project.  I may often include links for further reading on a subject,  But my real goal is to tell a story, not to create an academic paper.  There are many other fine sources for that valuable research.

I thought this blog might be interesting to look at some of the more obscure or ignored issues that your school history class did not bother to teach.  That is where I got the title "Unlearned History." This is the information that you did not learn in your basic history class.  I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting.

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